Gendered Violence Is An Extremely Prevalent Problem Essay

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Gendered violence is an extremely prevalent problem, preeminently for women, in this modern society. Despite laws and acts that try to stop this, “nearly 3 in 10 women, and 1 in 10 men in the United States have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by a partner…” (Shaw and Lee, pg. 538.)
Of course these laws have not always been in place and can only help so much, especially when the cause of this gendered violence is deeply rooted into today’s culture in the form of sexual mythology and sexuality attitudes. Some of the most evident reasons behind this the sexual scripts and stereotypes put in place for both women and men. Other rampant problem is the focus on victimization and the connection between violence and power.
In the western culture, women are given very specific ideas of how we are supposed to behave. These really are sexuality stereotypes. The world tells women they need to fit in these ideas by the media, men and other women; this idea is known as gender policing. In the in-class presentation “Day 17 Gender Stereotypes,” it describes that women are thought as and are told they need to be passive, weak, emotional, dependent, selfless and domestic. Of course these ideas do vary depending on race, social class, ability, and sexual orientation. For example Native American, East Asian, Latina, Muslim and Arab are also thought of as exotic; disabled and middle to older aged women are presented as asexual. These ideas are, as Patricia Hill Collin…

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