Gender Stereotypes In Sociology

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Even at this very moment, history is writing itself. We are currently living in the pages of an unfinished history textbook, each day living our lives and adding words to the narrative. These sentences and our choice of words are not simply chosen at random, but are decided and persuaded by the larger society and the unwritten history that is happening all around us.
Although a peculiar notion, it is one that many great minds have accepted, studied and expanded upon to this day. In fact, it is one of the key ideas of an entire field of scientific study: sociology. One of the great minds who work in this field is an American sociologist by the name of C. Wright Mills. Mills describes this notion as a quality of mind, its user possessing a sociological imagination. According to Mills, using a
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In the context with which I exist, social forces have influenced and shaped every stage of my development, from childhood to early adulthood.
Immediately upon entering this world, society had begun to shape my views and personality. These sociological concepts which have been of great influence include gender and gender socialization. Gender is socially constructed concept regarding what attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours men and women should have, while gender socialization is the transference and acquisition of these ideas. One such way that we are taught these societal views is through the use of gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes are oversimplified notions regarding how people of a certain gender think and act. Although these concepts seem abstract, their effect on individuals is very concrete and has profoundly shaped the way I present and view myself. As I have developed, my society has displayed its view towards femininity both proudly and subtly with the same underlying conclusion: femininity is generally disadvantageous. On television shows, on the playground, in literature, and even in the

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