Essay Gender Roles Of Society 's Life

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Gender roles play a huge part in society’s life because they help regulate behaviors and attitude that are socially acceptable. Aaron Devor, a dean at the University of Victoria and author of the article “Gender Roles Behaviors and Attitudes,” argues that men and women have clear rules and guideline in society on the way they should act. Traditionally, masculinity defined as being aggressive and domineering, while feminity defined as nurturing and passive. Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was set in the late 19th century, when Victorian gender roles were very restricted. However, society behavior and attitudes about woman began to change. The television miniseries Penny Dreadful created by John Logan is a show about other literature characters from different works, which are mixed into Victorian London to fight of Supernatural threats. This show offers a new modern perspective on the concept of masculinity and feminity in the 19th century. Stoker and Logan both present a worldview that communicates gender roles regarding masculinity as being assertive and feminity as being passive. The authors clearly communicate that traditional gender roles are both interchangeable and reversible within their works, which contradiction typically definitions and expectations of general roles. Both Arthur Holmood and Sir Malcom Murray are depicting as tough but use the appropriate moment of feminity when it comes to loves ones. Both characters have a title to their name, which in essence means…

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