Gender Roles In Social Media

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“Gender roles are a social construct. When we attempt to assign strengths and weaknesses to either gender, we literally cut our potential as the human race in half”- Fred Ward. Gender roles have many labels and are looked as to have a certain characteristics that belong to them. Female or male are distinguish by actions and sometimes hobbies. Many people are influenced in the normalcy of gender roles because there are many platforms or beings that have a large influence in life.
Social media has a strong influence in gender roles in the present day. “Nearly 25 percent of all millennials say they can only be their true self when alone” (Lowry, 500). When you post on the internet and social media there is always someone who is going to judge
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“The celebrity monuments of our age have grown so huge that they dwarf the aspirations of ordinary people who are asked to yield their dreams to the gods to flash their favorite singer’s logo at concerts” (Packer, 476). Many get inspire or look up to celebrities, so their actions really affect a huge audience. People idolize celebrities and sometimes really have a strong admiration towards the celebrity. Celebrities are very aware of this, sometimes they use their platform to influence their audience in setting standards how you should act depending on what you identify yourself as. Celebrities are a huge part of gender roles since many people praise them and follow their actions. Celebrities have a certain amount power publicly and are very influential in in what accustoms are or become. This leads to much discussion that gender roles ideas start from a young age not only from their role …show more content…
“Raising children tend to bring on this kind of politically incorrect reaction… should I have bought that plastic allosaur with oversized teeth” (Blum, 512). By buying a specific toy that usually corresponds to a certain gender can really make you think if you’re impacting your child’s decision. Parents make a huge difference in their children’s mindset, even with the slightest things, like buying them certain toys. When I child is born they don’t exactly understand what society has made female and male roles to be. Their parents are the ones that have a major influence in what they grow accustomed to. When children are young their parents are the ones that engrave in them the ideas that pink is associated to girls and that trucks are for boys. Parents are like creating the roots of their ideas and later on they build on those ideas. Children tend to follow their parent’s ideologies and for the most part stick to

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