Gender Representation And Compulsory Heterosexuality : Should We Turn The Volume Down Or Up?

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Response Paper #2
Gender binaries have created a system of oppression that forces all people into one of two strictly defined gender categories, man and woman. In “Dismantling Gender Polarization and Compulsory Heterosexuality: Should We Turn the Volume down or up?” a journal article from The Journal of Sex Research written by Sandra Lipsitz Bem, she discusses how society created a gender binary system where two and only categories of sex/gender/desire are recognized and the two categories have created a system of oppression where people who cross gender boundaries cannot exist. She shows that sex and gender is to blame for the way we treat other people and if society cannot see gender outside of the binary then society cannot change. In order for society to break the two-and-only-two categories of sex/gender/desire, we need to create limitless categories of sex/gender/desire that will undo privilege status of the two categories.
Society needs to question the power and privilege of gender from history to break down categorization. “The very cultural and historical production is hidden, by an extraordinarily clever sleight of hand that cast the historical and cultural construction of the two-an-only-two into the realm of the pre-social, the pre-cultural, the pre-discursive”. (Lipsitz, 331) Society has a way of creating what is normal and it has hidden the possibilities that gender and sexuality is fluid throughout history. Lipsitz shows that society has created a historical…

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