An Analysis Of Offred: The Handmaid's Tale

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Offred is a slave, she is a slave to an internal war within herself and an outside war that she has no control over. Offred is a handmaid. During a time of war her family and her were separated and she was given a choice. She could either choose to go to the colonies and clean up nuclear waste, or she could be a handmaid and give her body up for the wars purpose. The purpose of being a handmaid is to be an instrument, to bare children for the commanders and their wives. Offred only wants to find her family that she had before the war, but to do that she must survive. Survival for her and the other handmaids means becoming an object for another man’s purpose.
Red, Blue, and green. These were the colors that told people what position people held in the society that was being built. The commanders and the commander’s wives who held the prestige wore blue. The Martha’s, who were the cooks wore green. The Martha’s were older women who could not bare children, but were still considered useful enough not to send to the colonies. The guardians are not assigned a color they ae drivers, and guards. “He is low
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In the article Objectification by Martha Nussbaum she says, “One is treating as an object what is really not an object, what is in fact a human being” (Nussbaum, 1995). Offred is objectified through the whole book from beginning to end. Instrumentality is a notion of objectification that occurs numerous times. “Instrumentality is The objectifier treats the object as a tool of his or her purposes” (Nussbaum 1995). Offred is supposed to maintain a healthy diet no caffeine, smoking or drinking because she is “a worthy vessel” (Attwood, 1986). The handmaids are being used as instruments, tools, for serving the needs of others. “We are for breeding purposes we aren’t concubine, geisha girls, we are two legged wombs, that’s all”

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