Gender Is The Construction Of The Body And Sexuality Essay

2002 Words Dec 5th, 2014 null Page
The concept of gender is central the construction of the body and sexuality in contemporary cultural studies. Gender is a complex matter, as modern representations of what it means to be a gendered and sexed body is internalized and acted upon differently depending on one’s culture and upbringing. Across cultures, gender and identity are intimately tied as something that should be viewed as an expression of ones individuality. However, this is rarely the case. Through the use of sociological theories of gender I will observe how the body is prescribed with masculine and feminine identities through cultural processes and socialisation. Then I will construct the argument that gender is not likely to be defined by ones construction of their own identity – it is more likely to be prescribed by social and cultural institutions. I will observe this in the faculties of society, law and the media. First I will observe how gender is defined through the cultural expectation of a coherent notion of gender that is performed and repeated in the behaviours that eventually came to be viewed as socially acceptable. Then, I will observe how gender and sexuality is regulated through a series of exclusions, sanctions and taboos resulting in a form of compulsory heterosexuality. Observing how the framework of cultural ideologies has been applied to laws I will stress how cultural norms eventually become the law. Finally, I will contend that this is illustrated through the employment of…

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