Essay Gender Inequality Over The Years

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Gender Inequality
Over the years, we have observed a slow change being made towards to the portrayal of respect being equally distributed towards both gender. As time changes, the views of the society has gradually changed on how women are being portrayed in the world we live today. As Tuchman stated, “For our society, like any other society must pass on its social heritage from one generation to the next” (41). One can agree with this statement, it is to be known that any cultural value, it is to be passed on from one generation to the next, however implementing that women from the past were to stay home, look after their families, providing respect for the man of their household, and so on. As Sellnow mentions, “range from cooking, cleaning, sewing, and childrearing as women’s work to being cooperative, nurturing, and emotional as weak” (97). Generations from the past try to implement the cultural traditions and values today, which will not take place as mutual respect is to be required now-a-days. The authors Brock, Raby, and Thomas establishes the main key term, “gender” which defined as “the label of ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ assigned to most of the world, from bodily behaviours and social practices to objects and places” (356). It is important for every individual, may be a student, or worker, and so on, be able to identify the difference between men and women (Brock, Raby, and Thomas, 81). Gender inequality is also molded by the power being implemented over gender…

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