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Another gender relation message sent is in the second verse, it implies that men always make sexual advances, even when asked not to. Although men are probably more sexually driven than women, this message sent is not always the case. There are just as many men, or more hopefully, that respect the wishes of women.

Gender emotion messages are the last kind of message sent in this song. One message is that although sometimes men might show emotion and pour out their hearts, remember they are still men and are still tough. This message is in the chorus when he says he might hold her hand or sing a love song, but then he is also going to punch some guy if he looks at her wrong. Another thing that goes with this message is that men are supposed to feel tough and strong, they’re not supposed to have feelings. The main message sent about how women should feel is that they are supposed to be the sensitive ones, wanting to hold hands, or crying about a song, or wanting the man to pour out his heart. Again I think both these messages are common in today’s society. I think they are traditional and I do not think they are good messages to be sending to people. These emotion messages are the same as the gender role messages. They portray the brute caveman and soft, sensitive, nurturing woman. They imply that the man should be rough and tumble and not show emotions and the woman should be gentle and try to get the man to show emotions.

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