Gender Identity Through The Rhetorical Lens Essay

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Gender Identities Through the Rhetorical Lens
Today in society, gender identity is becoming a prominent topic of discussion. Many people believe that the attributes associated with a specific gender are deep rooted and established prematurely. From the time that a child is born their gender roles and personalities in life are predestined just by the term, “It’s a ___!” There are two major theories that have explanations for this phenomenon. In “The Early Development of Gender Differences,” Matthew H. McIntyre and Carolyn Pope Edwards present a biological perspective to explain the inevitability of gender identity. Contrarily, Mari Mikkola explains how it is sociologically imposed in her article, “Feminist Perspectives on Sex and Gender.” Although both the biological and sociological theorists analyze the parental and early developmental life stages, McIntyre and Edwards entice ethos, scientific research, and occupational credibility while Mikkola incorporates logos, pathos, and the feminist perspective to justify gender identity in these life stages.
The early developmental stage of life begins from infancy and extends to the age of 8 years old. Both authors begin with early development to explain the presence of gender identity. In “The Early Development of Gender Differences,” McIntyre and Edwards build their credibility as scientists by incorporating other reputable sources and the citing of scientific facts and statistics. This ethically convinces the reader to agree…

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