Essay on Gender, Gender And Gender Equality

1159 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Chloe Young
Short Essay #4

Gender is defined in the dictionary as “Either the male or female division of a species, especially a differentiated by social and cultural roles and behavior.” Throughout history “gender” has been constructed, shaped, altered and manipulated multiple times, and yet we still see issues on the perception of gender and gender equality today. Many events for example, the Lewis and Clark expedition, the push of activism, socialism and feminism, and many other events have altered the idea of what gender is and how it is perceived. The perception and Idea of gender has changed multiple times due to the large events in history like the Lewis and Clark expedition, and the push for feminism in the 20th century. Gender roles have changed dramatically since the 18th century and I believe that these event have been the drive for gender equality that we so desperately needed. Gender roles started out far from equal. Women have always been perceived to be only good for few things. Sex, reproducing offspring, and caring for the family and home. In many different places women were workers or they weren’t at all. The women of the Nez Perce tribe during the Lewis and Clark expedition would be in charge of collecting food and berries. During the expedition they had travelled over the mountain and ran out of food. They then found the Nimpu women of the Nez Perce tribe whom would then help them. These Nez Perce women did a lot of work in this sense and…

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