Horror Movies: Gender Discrimination In Horror

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Joan Gries
Eng. Comp. 1001

Gender discrimination in horror: Gender discrimination continues to be a problem, even in today’s society. Even though our values have produced some changes, film makers still seem to regularly allow sexism and prejudice behaviors in their films. Films are quiet the ultimate expressive experience thus far devised by man. Invoking such sensory euphoric experiences that combines visual, audial, and emotions that simply engage us so deeply that perhaps we could compare it to our deepest fantasies. Their side: While horror is not for everyone, the show boxes targeted audience is usually men and teenagers under 25yrs of age. Men and teens seem to poses higher risk taking behaviors, causing this
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This gender discrimination is what many movie fans think of when the topic of horror films arise. Women seem to have a longer screen time and more drawn out terrorizing death then a man’s death. “Women have always been the main focus of threat and assault in horror films’ (Wood, 1979).” Showcasing the most sadistic scenes where the woman is in her most vulnerable; powerless state, usually begging for her life. Appealing to the male viewer’s stereotype of women. For instance; in the movie “Halloween” or “Friday the 13th”, all sexually active women were killed off. These movies play off on our fears of crime and social gatherings. Typically, men are portrayed as the killers, victimizing the women in all sorts of ways. Men and women are put into these specific roles within the horror flicks and seen in that light constantly. Some showcase women as the damsel in distress. The film “Scream” highlights just that, women being victimized often after running around half naked. This serial killer preys on innocent victims while playing mind games with them as well. Then there were women who have become victims to evil spirits taking over their mind and bodies. The “Exorcist” is just one example where women and their bodies are portrayed as feeble minded; weak, evil beings. These type of movies do not depict women’s bodies as beautiful honorable beings. Rather weaker beings who fall prey to demon spirits while a man tries to heal or help

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