The Oppression Of Women In The 20th Century

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Throughout history there have been two acknowledged genders, male and female. No matter the race, the female gender has been treated as less than since the beginning of time. The oppression of women dates back to the beginning of written history. For most of time, all of women 's rights belonged to her husband. Often women were looked at as the property of her husband and all her wealth was in his name. Until the year of 1718 women in the western world couldn’t own their own land. Even after 1718, until around 1850, women could only own land during the incapacity of their spouse. Not only were they not allowed property rights, women 's say in the government was minimal. Women could not vote until the 20th century. There has been a clear lack …show more content…
Each culture has a different way that they differentiate between the two common genders. “Virtually every society known to us is founded on assumptions of gender difference and the politics of gender inequality.” (Kimmell, 2000, 2) In most prominent cultures, they teach women to be soft, gentle and timid whereas they teach men to be strong, built, and authoritative. This mindset warps how women and men are treated in society. Often women are referred to as over emotional or too weak for certain things. Men are often treated as the stronger, more level headed out of the two. “To the biologists, it may be pregnancy and lactation make women more vulnerable and in need of protection, or because male musculature makes men more adapt hunters, or because testosterone makes them more aggressive toward other males and females too.” (Kimmell, 2000, 3) Other than the physical differences and the differences in the hormones that go through our body we aren’t quite different. Society often makes the two genders feel like a different species to each other whereas in the wild male and female animals do not have these huge …show more content…
If you look at the list of the 325 riches C.E.O.’s in the US, only twelve of them are females. It could be that these female C.EO.’s have smaller companies by means of work ethic or that their male counterparts are just better at what they do. But it also could be that it is often a lot harder for women to work in a male dominated field tahn it is for a male to work in a fmale dominated field. Whether it comes from being harrassed at work becuase of your physical appearance, or it could be harrassed that you’re maybe upset at something that happened at work and it’s blaed on your mestrual cycle. There are many ways taht women are suppressed when around male equals. It is often looked at as normal because when a female tries to be equal to a man she must try a lot harder to achieve what shes done, or she has to have “slept with the boss”. “And once it was considered normal, even necessary, for a C.E.O. to be famous, it also became easier to make him rich.” (Krugman, 2002, 13) If Krugman meant to prove my point right subliminally or not, this quote shows that as female, we live in a completely male dominated world. He used the word “him” as a tell all for all people, yet when the famous C.E.O. has only a 3% on being a woman, it is not fair to use the word “him.” Until society is fair enough to have both male and female counterparts that work equally with the same pay, the same benefits, and the same

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