Essay Gender Codes : Gender Coding

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Gender coding: gender coding is the concept that a people must act the role in which corresponds to their sex. It puts females and males into these socially acceptable types of behavior boxes in a sense. For example, girls wear pink and boys only wear blue only wear blue. I love this term because it is something we don’t question. I did not realize I was being gender coded all my life up until I learned about this term in class. The type of clothing, hair styles, and personal form of expression is always questioned by society. I chose this picture of toys to describe this term. Growing up I was limited to the variety of toys. My parents told me when I was about 6 years old, I wanted power ranger’s action figures. They didn’t buy it for me saying those toys were for boys only. The reason they tell this story is because I would cry for not wanting it to buy me it. I didn’t question their response then, but I do now. I realize how my parents were enforcing the gender codes and limited me not only to toys, but as well as sports going up. Gender coding is so normalized now days, I mean it took me 18 years to realize what gender coding even was.

Sociological imagination: sociological imagination is basically imagining a society that is different from our own. Anything you would want to see differently around you, we use our imaginations so they can give us hope that one day we can live in a different life. For example, having a female president is something we…

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