Gang Violence During The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Gang violence in America has been a problem for over eight decades. Since as early as the 1900s people of the African American race organized small gangs in the streets to protect their neighborhoods when segregation in America was still a big social and ethical problem. Originally gangs where not organized to be violent and to commit crimes. These smalls crews where founded and established to provide peace and protection to the African American community during the civil rights movement. Even before the civil rights movement the African American citizens practiced spiritual principles like love, and truth to teach their youth a better life than what they knew.
The citizens of America during the early 1900s lived during a time of segregation against blacks. During this time racial issues where in full effect, and social equality among the different races in America was unheard of. This is one of the ethical issues that caused blacks to become violent. The black people began to organize small cliques to protect themselves and their neighborhoods against the racial prejudice.
The black people became known for organizing these gangs and recruiting. As a result of the recruiting more people were exposed the gang mentality and the lifestyle. This would mean more gang members and more potential gang violence. The black people often would protect themselves to the best of their ability against the violence going on in their neighborhoods. Police brutality was even a problem for…

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