Gang Leader For A Day By Sudhir Vankatesh Essay

1380 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
Gang Leader for a Day Book Report Gang Leader for a Day is a book written by Sudhir Vankatesh about the experiences of a college student who observes the life of a gang leader in the projects of Chicago. The main character befriends a gang leader, JT, when he goes to the projects in hope of finding some people to take a short essay about poverty. Following JT around, he learns how different life is for these people in comparison to his own. He is studies the sociology of the gang, its members, and the other members of the surrounding community. The events that are explained and reflected on by the narrator can be connected to the material in this course in the way that there is a clear difference in societal groups in the way that they function, the lessons learned in this study by the narrator, and the ethics of this study. One of the main things this book has verified is the way that the particular group studied are similar and different to people like me, or like the author. It is evident that this is a class differentiation because they make money, and handle business in a different way than what we would be used to. This community relies a lot on one another to survive suggesting that this is a functionalist group. JT, the gang leader, runs the entire gang to make sure that they are all doing their part to make their community safe and effective for one another. The gang operates a cocaine dealership in order to bring in money to the gang and the immediate families…

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