Friedrich Wilhelm 's Influence On Life Essay

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Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel was born on April 21, 1782 in Oberwesbach in the Thuringian Forest. He was the sixth child of Jakob Frobel the village parson, his mother passed within ten months of his birth in February of 1783. Friedrich’s older five siblings included August (born 1766), Christoph (born 1768), Christian (born 1770), Juliane (born 1774), and Traugott (born 1778) (A Child’s Work, 2001). Friedrich’s father remarried two years after the death of his mother he was lavished with attention until his step mother had her own child then she began to treat Friedrich with indifference and began to speak to him in a third party manner. Even though Traugott should have been considered his play- companion actually Christoph the second born son became Friedrich’s closest friend but Christoph was only able to take care of Friedrich on holidays when he was home from college. Friedrich’s Uncle realized he needed more attention than he was receiving at home so in 1793 he moved in with his Uncle and finally was able to live the life of a child. At age 15 he left elementary school and began an apprenticeship with a forester which combined his love of nature with mathematics. In 1799 Friedrich asked to be released from his apprenticeship and began his journey to the University in Jena where he started his private studies in botany and mathematics using the finances his mother had left him. He spent two years studying until an unfortunate situation occurred and he was sentenced…

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