Friar Lawrence In Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is a romantic tragedy written by William Shakespeare. Romeo is part of the Montague family and Juliet form the Capulet family. Romeo goes to the Capulets masque and at the party Romeo meets Juliet and falls in love,he then realizes he is in love with his enemy. Romeo then tries to pursue Juliet and they end up married by Friar Laurence secretly. Later on Tybalt tries to pick a fight with Romeo but Romeo won't fight so Mercutio his friend fights for him and ends up wounded and dies. Romeo is upset and fights Tybalt and kills him, Romeo is then banished from Verona. Juliet finds out that Romeo killed Tybalt but still wants to be with him.She goes to Friar Laurence and he comes up with a scheme to fake Juliet's …show more content…
She is filled with grief and won't exit out of tomb. At that point Friar Laurence just leaves as he had said “I dare no longer stay.”(Act V, Scene iii, Line 172) and leaves Juliet there with the bodies of Paris and Romeo instead of getting her out of the tomb forcefully. Juliet then notices that Romeo had poisoned himself and she grabbed his dagger and stabbed herself. Friar Laurence could have stayed there if Juliet did not want to leave and he would have been able to prevent Juliet from stabbing herself and would have at least saved one person. As has been noted Friar Laurence is the one with the most fault for Romeo and Juliet's death because he decided to marry Romeo and Juliet even though he knew that they were moving too fast. Also, Friar Laurence also came up with a plan to make Juliet appear dead knowing there were risks and flaws. Then, he left Juliet alone in the tomb with two dead bodies in particular the one of her lover instead of staying with her and consoling her so she wouldn't kill herself. Which resulted in the tragic death of Romeo and

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