Free Essay : Freedom And Slavery

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Freedom and Slavery In Hecuba Stephen Daitz comes to the conclusion that in Euripedes’ “Hecuba”, the idea of becoming a slave allows the reader to see a distinct separation of values between mother and daughter. He makes the point that revenge and freedom are valued differently amongst generations. While Polyxena would rather die than become a slave, Hecuba is willing to be a slave for the rest of her life if she can achieve her revenge on Polymester despite being offered her freedom by Agamemnon. This line between death and slavery is almost the same, but the way the women of Hecuba take this decision is a general way of stating the changing view of slavery in society amongst different generations. Daitz’s point is proven by the changing position slaves held in Greek society. According to the background information slaves in Greek society transformed from, “…a relatively small-scaled restricted arrangement,” to “those citizens who were unable to repay the money they had borrowed and who were forced to sell themselves and their families into slavery.” Slavery was seen as a shameful act in society to the younger generation, so it makes sense as to why Polyxema (a member of the royal family) would not want to be associated with slavery. This was seen as shameful and an embarrassment to bring someone of such high standing in one society to be a slave in another. Freedom is Polyxema’s only way to view life, because without freedom she might as well be dead…

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