Essay on Frederick Douglass 's Narrative Of His Life

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Frederick Bailey, now referred to as Frederick Douglass is my grandson. He wrote a narrative of his life in 1845, discussing what life was like as an American slave. Within the personal narrative, Douglass expressed life from his perspective and from what he believed it to be. He also described his lack of knowledge about his background, stating that he didn’t actually know his birthday, age, nor father. In addition, Frederick had never had a real relationship with his mother and he was around ten when she died. Seeming as though Frederick had no tangible relationship with his mother or father, he developed a relationship with me, his grandmother. I thing I can say about Frederick is that he was always curious about things. After a while, Douglass gained a perception about slave life and its’ conditions. Based on his perception, Frederick described my last days and even touched on how he imagined my death. Later, Frederick found out that what he had written in his narrative about my last years was not true. Truth is, only I can describe what really occurred during this time in my life in my personal narrative, a response to Frederick’s narrative.
A Response Narrative from the perspective of Frederick’s Grandmother
I am Betsy Bailey, the grandmother of Frederick Douglass. Many people learned about my relationship with Frederick within his narrative, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave”. Many also learned from the narrative that Frederick initially…

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