Frederick Douglass 's Learning On Read And Write Essay

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In ‘Learning to Read and Write’ Frederick Douglass describes the challenge of being a slave since a young age and learning to read and write. Douglass shows his primary argument is that education and freedom is a right that every human should have. His proves his primary argument by describing the challenges he faced and the steps he took to learn to read and write. One of the challenges Douglass faced was his enslavers not wanting him to get an education or learn anything that could make him valuable to other people. In Douglass’ life slavery and education did not mix. The mistress of the house began instructing Douglass, teaching him the alphabet, until her husband not only made her stop instructing but also taking away anything that might help Douglass learn. Although all the obstacles Douglass’ enslavers put him through were not easy, this did not stop his aspiration of learning to read and write. In doing this Douglass began finding various ways to teach himself. He began trying to read a newspaper or books anytime he could get a chance. He would take bread from the kitchen and give it to the poor white boys in return for their knowledge. When learning to write, Douglass would trick boys into playing a game where they would write words and he would get a free writing lesson out of it. Since Douglass had to struggle to become literate he knows the most difficult side to the journey making it insipiring to those who take being literate for granted as well as those…

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