Franz Kafka 's The Metamorphosis Essay

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Settings in works of literature are usually closely associated with a central theme or idea of the story. In Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, the setting is an integral part of the novel as it represents and strengthens the ideas of isolation and family life.These ideas are linked to the central theme of alienation.
Gregor Samsa remains in his bedroom for most of the novel, which represents the idea of segregation. Initially, Gregor is a human who works a despicable job for the sake of his family’s survival. Before the metamorphosis, he is isolated from the others, revealed when he says, “I’ve got the torture of relationships that last or get more intimate.”. From this quote, it can be inferred that Gregor dislikes his profession as it does not allow him to hold lasting relationships. This inability leads to the idea of isolation as Gregor feels separated from society without these interactions. Thus, Gregor’s lack of close relations with others makes him feel isolated from the community. Gregor’s bedroom is linked to these ideas as it is the only place where he is allowed to have such thoughts. Thus, he is isolated from the rest of the world in the same manner that his room is separate from the apartment. Once Gregor opens the door to his room, the other characters see his transformed state, which strengthens the idea of isolation as they become scared of him and no longer see him as a human being. This fear is first perceived when Mr.Samsa “started brandishing the…

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