Franklin Delano Roosevelt New Deal Analysis

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I hope all of the class knows at least something about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Great Depression and his New Deal. Considering we just learned about it and had a test on it. But hopefully I can go over some details that we did not go over in class and share my take on the New Deal and how it was very successful both at the time and for the future. This is because it made up for Herbert Hoover’s mistakes, provided indirect and direct relief to millions, got America out of the Depression and helped set America straight for the future.
But first before I explain myself and give my reasons, I would like to give a little background on the New Deal and why Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to drag American out of the Great Depression. Life in the Twenties was pretty good, there was lots of money and the times were free and easy. Between 1920 and 1929, the nation’s total wealth was more than
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Some of FDR’s laws stuck the test of time and are very prevalent in today’s culture. With people being employed, getting direct relief from relief from the government came about the sense that there would never be another depression would hit the US. Its consequences would never be so severe. So yes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal was successful because it could rid of the Hebert Hoover’s ideas; it saved and brought up most of the banks. It provided jobs to millions of Americans and direct relief to tons of others. More importantly got the US out of the Great Depression. But perhaps most important it provided the backbone of the future of America with the Social Security Act. As the government also assumed new roles under the New Deal such as having direct connection with its citizens, more ties to the economy such as regulations and insurance, and the government gained more power in changing laws and setting conditions for its citizens and businesses of the

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