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As society changes around us, we spot things we never noticed before: high divorce rates, murder rates, and drug use just to name a few. James Riddley-Scott and Mary Shelley noticed and had a fear of child abandonment. In Frankenstein, Shelley explores this subject through the viewpoint of a man, Victor, who creates a child so hideous that he cannot bear to look at it, and consequently deserts it. In Blade Runner Scott explores this matter through a businessman, Tyrell, who makes replicants of

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Leon appears very nervous while taking this test, and while being asked a question about all the good things he can think about his mother, snaps. Leon screams gMy Mother, Ifll tell you about my mother,h and shoots the person asking the questions. The lack of a parent is a lack of history and identity. Another replicant, Rachel, actually finds out through the test that she is a replicant with an implanted identity. To prove to herself and to Deckard that she is a real human being, she provides proof in the form of a picture of her and her mother when she was young, pleading to him, gLook, this is me with my mother.h She believes that a simple picture can represent a personfs identity and proof of ones existence, therefore proving a right to exist. Victor Frankenstein forgets about this right of existence when he creates his child. He does not bother to wonder if this child even wants to exist. He is also careless with the monsterfs appearance, making him too large and ugly for societyfs eyes. Victor never considered how society, and he himself, would view his creation. Unable to deal with his own child, Victor leaves the monster in the effort to relieve himself of any parental responsibility.

Neglect of children is a main theme for both stories. Victor Frankensteinfs monster is representative of the common view that a child that is neglected and abused while growing up will eventually neglect and abuse their
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