Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essay example

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Frankenstein, a novel written by Mary Shelley, depicts a young man, Victor Frankenstein who creates a monster, only to realize he doesn’t like the look of the creature, therefore rejecting, and cursing it. This leads The Monster, who is considered to be of the male gender to begin to murder and hurt the individuals closest to Victor Frankenstein. Due to isolation, neglect, lack of intimacy and social rejection, Frankenstein’s creature, The Monster, was inspired to murder most of Frankenstein’s loved ones; giving Frankenstein a taste of the neglect, isolation and lack of intimacy, Frankenstein deprived him of by rejecting him and refusing to create a wife for him. These psychological analyses will be tied to the author, Mary Shelley and how the novel is connected to her life experiences.
When she was born, Mary Shelley’s mother died from pregnancy complications, so she did not get to meet her mother. Her father, when she was four years old, proceeded to marry another woman and she had two step sisters. After eloping with young poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, whom she later married, and her step sister, Claire Clairmont, Mary Shelley writes Frankenstein after a dream she had (Britton 1). With the suggestion of Lord Byron for all of them to write a ghost story, Shelly began to write Frankenstein which was the only story out of the four that got published (Hamberg). Shelley lost her stepsister and two of her children, but soon she had a son whom she named Percy. Soon, she lost her…

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