Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley Essay

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Frankenstein a novel written by Mary Shelley is about a misunderstood monster and him trying to show everyone he is a good guy, but in doing that loses his patience with society and his creator Victor Frankenstein and kills everything he loves. It was said Mary wrote Frankenstein because she never got the love of her mother. It was said when
“Mary Wollstonecraft died of puerperal fever on 10 September 1797, she left her newborn daughter with a double burden: a powerful need to be mothered, which was never to be fulfilled, together with a name, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin that proclaimed this small child the fruit of the most famous radical literary marriage of eighteenth-century England”(Mellor). Mary felt the pain of the monster, even though she wasn’t left the same way as the monster she still felt abandonment Themes
There are many themes in the novel Frankenstein. One major theme would be guilt. You see the guilt more at the end of the novel. As Victor Frankenstein lie there dead the monster came over and was apologizing for all he had done. He had begged for his forgiveness but it was too late. After Victor died the monster kills himself to make sure his reign of terror is over. Another place you see guilt in the novel is after the monster kills his first victim. The monsters states throughout the entire novel he never wanted to hurt anybody it was his anger towards Victor that made him. Also, when the monster came and confronted Victor for leaving him and…

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