Fracking : Future Of Clean Energy Or Environmental Ruin? Essay

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Fracking: Future of Clean Energy or Environmental Ruin?
Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a fairly modern method of drilling that is used by oil/gas companies to release deposits of natural gas and/or oil. Fracking is a process used in nine out of ten natural gasoline wells in the United States. The water, sand, and chemical based mixture (slurry) is injected at high speed deep underground (up to 10,000ft) the slurry forces it’s way into the Earth’s shale rock formations. This opens up large cracks (fractures) in the shale, and releases the natural gas. The gas is then forced up to the surface through the well where it is collected. There are wildly opposing views on this method of natural gas extraction, and this has started quite a large debate on the possibly “wondrous” future of hydraulic fracturing. The fracking industry needs dramatic changes put in place, including rules and regulations to help control environmental damage.
There are large communities of people that do not believe hydraulic fracturing is not a cleaner energy than fossil fuels. According to recently published scientific research these communities are correct in their worry. In the article “Don’t let America get ‘fracked’” Phil Radford and Mark Ruffalo explore the subject of ‘fracking’ or hydraulic fracturing and the many adverse effects on our environment. This article is for every American to read since fracking is a subject we should all be more educated on. Instead of using solar, wind or other…

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