Fracking Essay: How Fracking Affect The Environment

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There have been many debates about fracking and how people see it in their point of view and how many agree and oppose to it. The method of Fracking has affected the environment. The effects of Fracking have caused many losses to the environment such as contaminated water, air pollution, health problems and cost of energy. It also leads to the dangers in human life because of the contaminated water and the environment. The method of fracking is measured by the use of drilling and injecting high amount of fliud into the underground surface,which shale rock than relesas oil and ther natural gasses several metrails are used in fracking such as water,stones and other resources. Tn the united states people oppose to the use od fracking from contuning to happen.
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Which leads to health problems with contaminated water for communties.The quality of water has been affected due to 1 million of gallons being affected through the process of fracking. It allows water to be contaminated and it makes it difficult for humans, animals to depend on clean water. natural resource of water. According to the Bloomberg News, "while most environmental people are concerned about hydraulic fracturing there is a possibility of fracking being involved with chemicals contaminating drinking water and can be dangerous for consumers because of the chemicals released into the water." Unsafe water brings problems to communties everthing depends on clean water and water is contaminated. it also produces droughts to many of their lakes, rivers and, crops die off because of the conditions. It not only affects humans but also affects the natural habitat of animals. All animals who depend on water and are affected because they depend on clean water. Without cleanwater animals face starvation because water is the main source of life tnat keeps animals and plants alive. According to “How fracking hurts animals state”hudraulic

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