Environmental Consequences Of Fracking

There have been many debates about fracking and how people see it in their point of view and how many agree and oppose to it. The method of Fracking has affected the environment. The effects of Fracking have caused many losses to the environment such as contaminated water, air pollution, health problems and cost of energy. It also leads to the dangers in human life because of the contaminated water and the environment. The method of fracking is measured by the use of drilling and injecting high amount of fliud into the underground surface,which shale rock than relesas oil and ther natural gasses several metrails are used in fracking such as water,stones and other resources. Tn the united states people oppose to the use od fracking from contuning …show more content…
However, the Yukoner 's are not happy with the decision the government has made about hydraulic fracturing because it can cause many problems to the community. Citizens from the area are discussing the consequences of this process due to fracking with the government. According to the Newsweek article Texas Governer Greg Abbott passesd a law on May 18, to ban anyone from drilling in the city of Denton,Texes. According to the article, Bush 's office sued Denton even though the population was more than 60% they all voted fracking to be ban from their town. According to the “news week” article energy companies were forced by law to abondon drilling throught out the next 6months and the remaining 12 days. According to Bill Freeman the use of fracking is essential to achieve independence in the united states and it is consider safe to the enviroment because of the special precautions. Another way fracking is beneficial over throught out the years natural resources have played a big part in domestic oil production. Prices are down on gas prices because of having the oil production so close it provides a huge advantage and helps the economy to stay stable and saves time. In addition to some chemicals and materials used in fracking have made a large impact in the communties. The issues of ground water contamination has consumers worried about fracking. According to an article “ what goes in and out of fracturing “ states amounts of chemicals are being found in contaminated water and it is making it dangerous for humans and animals to consume. The article states” ground water is now contaminated with toxic chemicails such as methane and dangerous chemicals. The effect of drilling holes to extract oil and other gasses is affecting all naturak resources and is providing non-healthy water to all living organisms. Which leads to health problems with

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