Key Factors In Digital Forensics

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Introduction Digital forensics is the investigation procedures for a legal purpose (Nelson, Phillips, Steuart, 2016). Digital forensics also prepares computer investigations There are four key factors before the computer investigation is complete. The key factors are developing and documenting procedures, following evidence handling procedures, documenting extraction, and presenting the findings. All of these combined lead to the preparing of a more complete computer investigation. As with everything there is a biblical integration, and the same can be said about digital forensics procedures and protocols. With the growing increase in cyber-crimes, or crimes involving technology, there is a dire need for conformity within digital forensics. …show more content…
A method should be easily repeatable, so it can be done quickly across various devices. There may be a case where an investigation has to cover five hundred computers; therefore, the method used should be quickly repeatable. Repeatability should also be easily explainable, because it may be called up during the presentation of findings.
Evidence Handling Protocols Another key factor in digital forensics is following evidence handling protocols. Bulbul (2013) says “Digital evidence must be handled carefully to preserve the integrity of the physical device as well as the data it contains.” If the data is handled poorly, it could result in the damage of the physical devices or loss of data within said devices. This could lead to errors within the investigation that could completely alter the case. There are many different ways devices, or data, could be damaged when they are being handled. These include, but are not limited to, electricity, magnets, radio transmitters, and other devices (Bulbul, 2013). When evidence is being handled it should always be treated with the best care possible. Doing so can protect the integrity of all the evidence that has been collected. Bulbul (2013) says “If any mistakes or errors occurs during an investigation they must not be covered up.” When errors are made and lied about, it can weaken the
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(2016) makes a clear point that presentations need to be made for non-technical persons. A lack of understanding could cause discrepancies within the case. Presentations need to be clear, concise, and understandable to everyone, which is why all reports from the beginning until the end of the investigation need to be easy to read and easily

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