Foucault Mini Analysis Paper : Foucault 's Theory

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Foucault Mini Analysis Paper

In 1757 through 1837 there was a shift in prison rules and laws. They established a new form of law that removed torture and established punishment by the law. Punishment has many consequences because it was created to be a source to stop criminal behavior from occurring again. However, torture was removed because it focused on physical penalty. Foucault main point is that he wants to challenge the system by using history by explaining how the system has changed over time and how the new power and genealogy presents power and rules. Also, how the system is it affected by the power relations in punishment and the structure of society. Torture and punishment is humane and punishment doesn’t focus on criminal act and focuses on the soul. First, the new laws were created in order to imprison people and make them work. Punishment was not used to harm a person physically but too cause shame. For example, execution is looked as torture because it used physically to cause harm towards the body. Punishment that focused on imprison people in order to detain them from committing the crime. According to Foucault (1995),” They were punished by the means of punishment that makes the offender function by living within the law by being punished by crime. Also, they were punished by penalty that focused on supervision and neutralize the offenders mind by offering them medical…

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