Forgiveness Within The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Forgiveness within the criminal justice system

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with the acceptance can there by recovery.” –J.K. Rowling If you understand the process will you forgive? What does forgiveness mean to you? Forgiveness is the process of forgiving. The process of forgiving is acknowledging the wrong that was done to the person and deciding how to accept it. Forgiveness means the ability to forget the situation because they have considered it and they put it behind and moved on. Many people within the criminal justice system does consider forgiveness. There are many stages you go proceed to in order to forgive. You first have to identify and express your feelings, ask question to yourself such as who did it you and why. The second step is acknowledge the feeling of control, move on with your life. The last step is heal, forgiveness is an event and a process. In the criminal justice system people who are charged with homicide seem not to forgive. To help the incarcerated individuals, they need counseling and guiding in prison. Does the workers within the prison system take this serious as they should? When these individuals do not get this assistance they are more likely to be the same person or worst. A lot of the individuals do not learn from their mistakes and when having counseling in prison it will further the prisoner knowledge and help them to get a better understanding. As if the prisoner…

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