Essay about Foreshadowing The Opening Lines Of The Odysseus

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Foreshadowing in the Opening Lines of the Odysseus People who lived in the Ancient Age time had so many different gods and goddesses, so there was each particular one for almost everything. For example, Athena was goddess of wisdom, Poseidon – god of the sea, Zeus – king of gods and men, etc. The mortal people also believed that the gods and goddesses could foretell things that were going to happen in the near future. That is why mostly all things that had happened were taken as the signs of something great coming. The Odysseus poem is full of the various examples of foreshadowing.
In the Book Fifteen, when Menelaus and Helen have reunited and came back to Sparta, Telemachus visits them searching the news about his father Odysseus. As Menelaus is Odysseus’ good friend, he tells to Telemachus how his father was fighting at Troy. After recognized each other, Telemachus decides to continue chasing for Odysseus, but before to leave, Telemachus, Helen and Menelaus see an eagle catching a goose. Helen starts to explain the prophecy to Telemachus. “And as I see it myself. Just as this eagle / came from the mountain, where he was born and bred, / and snatched up the goose bred in the house, / so shall Odysseus, after long travels, / return to his home, and take vengeance” (15.187-191). She believes that the sigh is true because Helen is the daughter of Zeus, so Telemachus can trust her about the prophecy that has been sent from Zeus.
Another example of the foreshadowing in the…

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