Forced Founders By Woody Holton Essay examples

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Forced founders Forced Founders in Forced Founders by Woody Holton, Holton argues that Indian and slave rebellions were the primary force in the Independence movement in Virginia. It is commonly believed that the land-owning gentry’s class prompted the revolution in Virginia. Nevertheless, Holton shows how slaves, American Indians, and debtors may have actually played a much greater part in the Independence movement than popular history suggests. Holton’s contention is that class conflict acted as a powerful catalyst in the revolutionary movement as the wealthy land owners such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were forced into joining the revolution on account of controlling the Indian rebellions on the Western front and the slave rebels at home.
Virginia 's large population of debtors joined the Indians and merchants in straining crown-colony relations and pushing Virginia toward Independence. The export and import boycotts of the early 1770s had unintended consequences, Holton argues. "Nonimportation, nonexportation, and other colonial resistance strategies provoked not only a punitive imperial policy but also agrarian rebellions in Virginia and Indian country" (212).
Getting people on board for difficult tasks like nonexportation - boosting the price of tobacco by reducing the size of output - required a means of keeping fractious interest groups together. This was no easy task in a time on increasing class division and conflict of interest between whites…

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