Disadvantages For Profit Prisons

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To begin with, for-profit prisons can be viewed in two different perspectives, either in a good or bad way. I will begin by stating some reasons on why for-profit prisons benefit the United States. The good thing about for-profit prisons is that of course they are for-profit and make billions of dollars every year. Another way to look at it, is that all the prisoners are in there working hard labor instead of just standing around doing nothing. If prisoners are going to be committing petty crimes might as well get locked for it right? Another benefit of having for-profit prisons is that it is affordable with all the money they get out of them. Also, in these prisons they are able to incarcerate as many prisoners as they would like because they …show more content…
Which is insane and unjust. The blue is the prisoners that are white and non-Hispanic or Latino. This image shows the percentage for both private and public prisons. The video of "Immigrants for Sale" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF12SgkQKKk gives a lot of information on why Hispanics and Latinos are a large percentage in these for-profit prisons. This video states that private prison relies on the SB1070 law which is an anti-immigrant law that helps them get a large number of immigrants in prison. This law gave law enforcement permission to pull anyone over who look undocumented to put in prison. Imagine just walking around or driving in car then next thing you know there is a police officer pulling you over. You are confused because you know you have not done anything wrong then turns out that the only reason they pulled you over was because they thought you were an immigrant. In the end, you are put in prison and you are kept in there for several years. In these prisons they will make you work and do hard labor just for a couple of cents everyday. You have no other choice to work because if you disobey they will punish you for it. For every immigrant or any prisoner they make thousands of dollars out of them every year. That is how they became a multi-billion for-profit prison industry. In the article "The Color of Corporate Corrections: The Overrepresentation of People of Color in the For-Profit Corrections Industry" http://journal.radicalcriminology.org/index.php/rc/article/view/27/html states that "the overrepresentation of people of color in private, for-profit facilities--facilities with strikingly few rehabilitative programs relative to public corrections institutions--suggests that the containment of people of color, relative to �non-Hispanic, whites,� functions primarily as a source of profit extraction." In other words people of color are the

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