Footnote to Youth Reflection Essay

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Footnote to Youth is a story about a farmer’s son named Dodong who got married at seventeen, he asked the permission of his parents to marry Teang, and his father was sort of against it but then he was kind of caught off guard and finally agreed with his son’s decision. Months after the marriage, Teang gave birth to their first son, Blas, after six years, the number of their kids grew while Teang lost her fitness and looked old because of the chores. After years, when Blas reached his teenage year, he decided to marry his girlfriend and Dodong got no other options but to let Blas do what he wants even though he’s against it because he had experienced the burden of early marriage and he didn’t want his son to experience it. The …show more content…
Dodong did not consider the pessimistic possibilities when he gets married at early age. He just thought everything would be fine, that he could handle stuff but the consequences made its way to brag Dodong’s life. When his son, Blas, decided to get married at early age same as what Dodong did in the past. You should always think first before doing or taking on uncertain step in your life to avoid superb consequences which may come or even get worst due to improcess decision making process. We’ve seen a whole lot of worse or even worst versions of this kind of mistake in our present society. Indeed, at this kind of generation, it is hard to solve this, all we can do is that be aware of every little step we’ll take. The story basically tackles the responsibilities married life requires and the that came along with family life. Marriage in a very young age when you’re not yet prepared to be in it and you just go into it with uncertainty will not work well. The obligations accompanied to this thing will later born new problems, problems that will not only affect your marriage but your life as a whole. Before getting married, you should think not just twice but a hundred times, because once you’re into it, you’ll get hard and complex times finding the way out. You should consider not just your feeling for your girl, you also consider your life and your problems, you should be complete prepared and strong in

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