Flamenco Culture

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POPULATION: About 6.6 million
LANGUAGE: Castilian Spanish
Andalucia is a region of famous food, festivals and various traditions. The different recipes of food appear in andalucia cuisine. A well known dish called paella in andalucia and It was the poor worker individuals of the Valencian district who created Spain's most popular dish, paella. The first formula mixed home developed vegetables (normally beans) with off-cuts of rabbit and the short grain rice that was make in big quantity around the city of Valencia. Indeed, even today this customary Valencian paella can be found in a huge number of towns. (culture,2013)
Bullfighting: Ancient bullrings in Seville and ronda attract many tourist. But some visitors express the sport as
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Flamenco is an energetic and exciting work of art, that has been in Andalucía for almost five hundred years, and today flamenco has a huge number of followers around the world. Flamenco has a status of festivities in spain that are flooding with music and dance moves, ladies in colourful dresses, silk shawls, and hand painted fans in a variety of amazing designs and visitors love to grab a wine and watch a flamenco dance show in evening. (Tony,NA) …show more content…
Consistently, local people and thousands of visitors meet in the Valencian city of Bunol. For more than 60 years the town has been the site of a big tomato fight in which more than 100 tons of riped tomatoes are thrown by people on each others. The tomatina is really an entire week of festivities which happen on the last Wednesday in August. In spite of the fact that specialists agree that the tomatina started in around 1944, nobody actually knows the reasons behind why. Different speculations guarantee that it may have been a nourishment battle that was held among a gathering of young childrens. Others express that it started as a punishment for a bad performance of a musician. Another clarification guarantees that the tomatina started as a reaction to the disagreeable activities by government official. Regardless of what the first reason, the occasion was so all around delighted and repeated every year and continuously grew in popularity. (Owen,NA)

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