Slaughterhouse Five Themes

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War is a conflict between two nations or groups. War creates a sense of hopelessness, it is a traumatizing experience as it brings death and destruction to loving homes. Kurt Vonnegut is an American writer who is famously known as the author of Slaughterhouse- Five. In the book of Slaughterhouse-Five written by Vonnegut, takes place in the era World War II and introduces a man named Billy Pilgrim, as he was taken as a prisoner of war where he was surrounded by death. The book does an incredible job expressing its theme as destructive, challenging, and warlike.
Billy Pilgrim was born in Illium, New York on 1922. He went to school of optometry and was then was sent to europe to provide service to the infantry where he was taken as prisoner by the Germans. Billy was a tall and quite friendly guy, however, he was weak nor fit for battle and was often mistaken as a joke. As he spent time as a prisoner, he travelled through time, reliving the moments he had already experienced. He later then came across creatures who called themselves “Tralfamadorians.” Within these flashbacks, it gave a
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Billy and the other americans were sent to a slaughterhouse to stay in as a shelter two days before Dresden was destroyed. As the day had finally come, when the city was being blown into pieces, the guards that went to visited their homes and thousands of other civilians were murdered. The next day, Billy and the remaining americans and guards exited their shelter, and explored the aftermath of the bombing. Billy described the place as a moon as nothing stood but the walls of building, ashes, and dollops of melted glass.
In conclusion ,The theme of the book slaughterhouse-five is supported by events that occurred in reality. Events that include loss of life, destruction, illness and tragedy. With the themes such as challenging, destructive, warlike sum the

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