First Hand Experience

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First hand experience overpowers hearing or reading about a particular event in all cases. Feelings come alive and a true identity is revealed when exposed to a breathtaking experience first handed. First They Killed My Father and Walking With Living Feet both show how first hand experience creates a different mood in a reader because the authors tone is different. An authors purpose of first hand experience is greatly different than the author just describing an event to a reader. As a result, the tone will create a different mood. Loung Ung is the author and main character in First They Killed My Father, in which Loung describes her experience first hand of being in a genocide in Cambodia. A similar story, Walking With Living Feet, writtten …show more content…
Her tone greatly affected the mood, and it created a mood that could relate to Loung's in First They Killed My Father. Dara Horn's experience at a concentration camp that use to be functioning, caused something different to happen than most would expect. Most would expect that sadness and remorse would feel the emotions of people in a situation like this. Dara was experiencing the aftermath of how people had been killed. She even saw shoes of people that represented all of the people killed. Instead of getting those emotions she had something she described in the story. Dara said "Anger, fear, pain, and shock-I could have felt all of those and more, but instead I felt nothing" (Horn 1). This described how she reacted when exposed to the aftermath of a genocide. The tone of Dara at this time was emotionless and unknowing. She reacted this way because she had always heard of the genocides in school and by word of mouth but never had experienced it first hand. Dara Horn then goes on to say "You cannot visit this planet through any film or book; photographs cannot bring you here. Planet hell is beyond the realm of tears" (Horn 2). This creates a sad mood as a reader because Dara basically said experience as opposed to reading about something is two totally different things. This will also let a reader know that emotions are not shown unless you are

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