Firestone Bridgestone Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Bridgestone / Firestone produced faulty tires especially those that were manufactured in one of its plants in Decatur, Illinois. The tires that were faulty were said to have been mass produced at the same time its employees were involved in a strike. Bridgestone / Firestone knew about the incidents that involved their products produced in the Decatur plant. They have spent a lot of money to settle claims which involve these faulty tires. They kept the issues confidential and failed to inform the public. This caused numerous accidents to occur and many lives lost.
Bridgestone / Firestone instead placed the blame on Ford Motor Company. The SUV involved in this case was a Ford Explorer. It has been argued that the SUV is prone to roll over because of its design. Also Ford Motor Company failed to place the adequate amount of pressure in the tires. Instead of filling the tires with 30 psi it placed on 26 psi. Ford Motor Company also failed in the same manner as Bridgestone / Firestone because they did not quickly take action to resolve this issue and instead pointed the blame back to Bridgestone /
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Without his perseverance, this case would have been swept under the rug and nothing would have been done. It requires the use of power to change and revise what is written in the law. This case certainly needed an addendum attached to not only do what is lawful but what is right. These companies need to balance power and responsibility. They had the power to withhold information that is detrimental to the public but had to be responsible for the criticism it received in regards to their product.
This case would have been resolved easier if the companies involved were proactive and dealt with the issue promptly. If they did not hesitate these companies could have avoided many lawsuits. Consumers could have avoided these accidents if they were aware that their vehicle had
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Though their action was late they made the effort to make the wrong things right.

Who is at fault in the tire separation controversy? Bridgestone / Firestone? Ford Motor Company? The NHTSA?
Each company has its share of blame in this case. Bridgestone / Firestone had produced faulty tires that became the stepping stone of this dilemma. Ford Explorers design would not be an issue if the tires were reliable. Any model vehicle would be prone to an accident if it travelled at high speeds and the tire treads came off. NHTSA should have been more proactive in the correction of this case. They should have noticed a trend in these accidents and informed the companies to take the proper actions.
In conclusion Bridgestone / Firestone and Ford Motor Company should have acted on behalf of their consumers instead of trying to cover up its mistakes. They need to take responsibility for their actions and make the right decisions in how they handle these types of cases especially when people lives are at stake. In the end there are always consequences for the wrong decisions that are

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