Fire Prevention And On How Firefighting Technology Could Serve Better On Preventing And Predicting Future Fires

1449 Words Aug 6th, 2015 null Page
My topic is about on fire prevention and on how firefighting technology could serve better on preventing and predicting future fires that can cause harm to the surrounding area. This topic is very important because not only it involves safety to people, but also structures. Saving lives when a fire occurs is the main priority for a firefighter, but also the occurring fire that is taking place in hand is also a priority because we do not want that fire to spread and cause more damage and even take potential lives. Also, keeping buildings save from fire is an important issue because so many people work in them such as offices, skyscrapers, and restaurants. By law buildings need to be fire safe and fire preventable, there are certain codes to apply to and they are enforced not only by the government, but also the cities in which firefighters enforce them. Another issue is preserving land when a fire occurs, such as mountains and forest. when one does happen we use everything on hand that we got, like fire engines, fire chases, fire trucks, fire apparatus, wild land type trucks, fire helicopters or plains etc. Fire fighters try to stop it before it causes more damage and it becomes a bigger issue, they use every bit of technology they have in hand. Technology is very important to a fire fighter because these resources not only help others, but also the environment that we need to sustain our selves, such as vegetation, animals and water. Fire technology is important because in…

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