Film Analysis : Looking Back, Documentary Photography Essay

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Photography has always been very important in our world history,it has in the past and will be in the future.It is an important way of documentation of the human life.It documents our people, events, and feelings by capturing that moment in time forever for anyone else who may come across the photo.”Looking back, documentary photography has made waves of impact as a method of truth-telling in difficult times, a way of exposing disturbing scenes to raise awareness of things like poverty and famine, to ultimately reshape the public’s opinion on government policies that were often the direct cause”(Markert 3).Photography has made a bigger impact on human life than many people may believe, the reason being that the change that it has made is over time and often involuntary so we don 't realize how much it influences us. It is through the photographer 's exploration in the battlefield and them willing to put themselves in harm 's way to expose the war for what it is through photography to the public, citizens encountering these photos of the war in the media, whether they are in the news, or on their televisions and through them being able to exchange their opinions and ideas with others that photography has given people, in many situations, especially during the Vietnam War, the inspiration and is one of the major forces behind important social movements, like the American anti-war movement. During the Vietnam War, photographers voluntarily put themselves in dangerous…

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