`` Fence `` By Pat Mora Essay

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“Fence” is a beautiful poem portraying the picture of social distinction between rich and poor through observation of a girl as a speaker by Pat Mora a Mexican American writer. She is best known to write about the borders that exist physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. This poem is a classical example of differences between wealthy and poor. Though the talk about the so called equality is held every now and then in our society and politics but the reality is far from the talks which she has successfully shown the reader through this heart touching poem. Though there remains various inequalities in society she has chosen class distinction by wealth in the society as the theme of the poem. It is rather like a sad story revealing the bitter truth of a society through eyes of a young girl. It quite obvious that the poet herself has become the speaker of the poem as no identity of speaker is conveyed in it. So it is well to assume that the speaker is the charming poet herself. This is a poem of international level so as to say it is able to resemble the differences between the economy classes which has an international attribute.
The poem goes on with speaker looking at the laughter’s on the faces of tourists checking into the hotel. Because of her spinach taste she has used ‘turistas’ in jocular manner to address the tourists. When analyzing this first line it is important to evaluate that the laughter’s of tourists is so closely observed that it ravels the under…

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