Feminism In Modern Western Society

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Ramon Suero ANT 211 11/16/16
Exam #2
Women have been facing discrimination and have been treated as inferior to their male counterparts for a long time in western societies. Feminism has been a form and platform for women to speak out against male counterparts when it comes to issues affecting society and their role in it. The struggles of women who have ancestry are from third-world, pro-colonialism nations contribute to the arguments of African feminist, Oyeronke Oyewumi and anthropologists, Iris Lopez. Oyewumi argues the form of western feminist perspectives have influenced the way in which Africa is regarded in modern western society and how it contributes to the disconnect African-Americans develop because of the American culture. Lopez argues, from an anthropological and ethnographical perspective, her disconnect with the community she spent the majority of her childhood and how her feminist views contribute towards her cultural disconnect because of her role in a professional anthropologist academic group in context of the integral model. In this paper, I will show how feminism in modern western societies has contributed to the liberal movement of women empowerment that have changed the way women are viewed and treated in society, which correlates with both authors’ views.
Oyeronke Oyewumi is an African feminist who in
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She elaborates on the role of women in African societies and how they are reflected in today’s modern day society, which contributes to the way feminism is culturally diffused in women in western societies. Liberalism influences the way feminism is conceptualized in western societies and it differentiates then the way feminism is culturally emphasized in Africa. In contrast to western societies, “In much of Africa, “womanhood” does not

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