Feminism And Narratology : A Feminist Narratology Essay

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In reading, towards a feminist narratology author begins by admitting that feminism and narratology would seem to be strange bed-fellows, the one being “impressionistic, evaluative and political” , the other being “scientific, descriptive and non ideological”. Indeed, no contemporary theory has exerted so little influence on feminist theory as formalist-structuralist narratology . Author posits that there are many reasons for this distrust of narratology on the part of feminism.First and foremost reason that is discussed is that the complex and alienating vocabulary of narratology, the distrust of binaristic thinking to which Structuralism is prone, the fact that “no work in the field of narratology has taken gender into account” , the fact that narratologists have based their theories on the study of men’s texts as a result of which the “masculine text stands for the universal text” , and the fact that structuralist narratology has “suppressed the representational aspects of fiction and emphasised the semiotic” (this tendency being related to predisposition to “isolate texts from the context of their production and reception), while feminist criticism is predicated upon the view that “narrative texts . . . are profoundly referential in their representations of gender relations” ,hence their concern with characterisation in particular. So those are the reason why women 's writing is written under the man norms in late 17th and 18th century. But the fact that the way…

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