Essay on Feminism And Its Impact On Society

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Feminism, or the belief that all individuals are entitled to equal rights and treatment regardless of gender, is often viewed as one of the most controversial movements concerning the subject of human rights. Opinions surrounding the topic tend to be rigidly divided, with individuals either strongly supporting or strictly against the culture. Though this group can include anyone who believes in and wishes to fight for equal rights, rampant stereotypes and misunderstandings tend to ward off many individuals from adopting the label. Regardless of one’s personal feelings towards the group, the complex history, positive goals, and overall impact throughout various time periods and cultures proves feminism to be a subject worth discussing. The definition of feminism is highly individual and can mean a variety of different things to different people. In general, feminism is the belief that all individuals should be treated equally and be provided the same rights and opportunities regardless of their sex or gender. What exactly qualifies as discrimination or sexist behavior is highly debated, as is what actions should specifically be performed in order to eradicate it (Haslanger). Areas commonly focused on by the majority within the culture include political representation, family structure, reproductive rights, domestic violence, and sexual harassment ("What Is Feminism?"). Though different forms and divisions exist, such as eco- feminism, liberal feminism, or radical…

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