Feminism : A New Form Of Rage From Modern Women 's Right Activists

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No “Slum” for Feminism
Recent massive transnational protests named “SlumWalk” have marked a new form of rage from modern women’s right activists, stirring varied societal objections towards feminists. From a defiant display of a thousand women dressing in underwear and fishnets storming down the streets of Toronto, to public declarations from different well-known feminists stating they will never fight for the right to be called slums, the re-appropriation of the word “slum” has reinforced the misunderstood image of feminism as a solely sexually aggressive circus, alienated feminists from their political allies and hindered the progress of other female rights agendas, such as equal pay for equal labor.
The end goal of the re-appropriation varies from person to person, but feminists agree upon the method that is problematic. Some “SlumWalk” participants consider a neutralization or a death of the word satisfactory enough to shield from misogyny (Brontsema 8). Others, however, intend to inflect and even reverse the meaning of the word (Muscio 9). Specifically, “Slum” originally refers to women whose sexuality is voracious and indiscriminate (Easton, and Liszt 4). Feminists try to earn back “slum” by adding extra levels of meaning into the term, such as women who are sexually autonomous, and promulgating this alternative interpretation by encouraging people to use “slum” more under the positive contexts (Easton, and Liszt 4). However, the effectiveness and consequences of…

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