Essay about Female Gothic : The Monster 's Mother Writing

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In Moers “Female Gothic: The Monster’s Mother writing she explains the book to be about the fears and troubles of women in the 18th century. She explains those fears to be, entrapment in the domestic life, being female, childbirth and the position of women in a patriarchal society. The troubled circumstances that surrounded Shelley were the idea behind the story of Frankenstein. She used her life to be the mold, in a way, to build the characters and the settings. The way that Shelley saw the world, the emotions she felt, the knowledge she had, as well as her imagination were how she wrote the story. The loss of most of her children not long after birth were certainly a driving factor. She was pregnant, almost constant, from the age of sixteen to the age of twenty-one.
Moers analysis explains giving birth and the emotions that follow it to be a driving force behind the novel. She also states that Shelley is said to have based her treatment of her monster on the ideas about education, society and morality held by her father and her mother. The interpretations made by Moers made a lot of sense and taught me a lot about Shelley herself. I didn’t have much knowledge of Mary Shelley before and found that, not only this interpretation, but a few others as well, gave me a great deal more to think about. Mary Shelley was quite brilliant and her imagination put her in a class of her own.
The critical piece “What Is a Monster? (According to Frankenstein),” by Peter Brooks.…

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