Essay on Female Artist And Artist Of Colored Race

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Similar to Naomi Beckwith, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye also has multiple identities pertaining to her occupation as an artist: she is both a female artist and an artist of colored race. She was born in London in 1977 with her parents being two nurses that came to Britain from Ghana (Cooke). She studied a foundation course at Central St Martins, and obtained her degree at Falmouth College of Art and her master degree at the the Royal Academy Schools (Wright). She did a variety of job to support her artistic life before she became famous. After she received different awards and distinctions such as Turner prize nomination and the Pinchuk Foundation Future Generation Art Prize 2012 (Wright), she was finally able to work as a full-time artist (Cooke). Her formal academic background makes her painting “rooted in traditional formal considerations such as line, color, and scale, and can be self-reflexive about the medium itself” (Jack Shainman Gallery). However, she is not only a skillful painter but also a prolific writer of fiction, poetry and essays (The Studio Museum in Harlem). This attributes to her works that most of them are primarily figurative oil paintings that often depict imaginary figures with fictional narratives. Moreover, she does not give a specific narrative for each painting as most novel or fiction do, rather she leaves room for viewers to fill in the detail of the narratives in reference to the enigma title and work description she provided (Erpentine Galleries).…

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