Feeling Like An Outsider, A Place You Consider Home Essays

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Feeling like an outsider in a place you consider home, is one of the struggles that to this day I still live with. June 8, 1996 was the beginning of the hectic journey of my life, I was only a year and three months when my mother made the decision to pack up and move to the United States, where my father had been living with my two older sibling. A small two bedroom house located in Galveston Texas is what my family would call home for the next couple of years. As the youngest child out of my four siblings, people always thought of my life to be perfect and spoiled; which in true honesty was nothing like that. At the age that I came into the U.S I was far too young to comprehend the type of life I had ahead of me, a life in which parents where over worked to satisfy their children’s needs, a life where two teenagers had the task of caring for their three younger sibling, one which they had never met before, most important a life that would be filled with fear and misguidance and remorse. Imagine being a two year old, hardly ever seeing your parents and being raised by a twelve year old sister. Most of my childhood memories are a blare, however I do recall all of the efforts it took for my parents and older siblings to accommodate my needs. Around the age of four I started to get the concept of what my life was becoming to be, I was an immigrant child, whose parents were never around and was practically raised by teens; a child who feared her parents one day might not get…

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