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Consumer Compliance Handbook Division of Consumer and Community Affairs Inquiries or comments relating to the contents of this manual should be addressed to: Manager, Reserve Bank Oversight and Policy Division of Consumer and Community Affairs Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Washington, D.C. 20551 To obtain copies of this handbook, contact Publications Fulfillment at: Publications Fulfillment Mail Stop N-127 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Washington, D.C.

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Credit-related regulations and statutes IV. Other regulations, rules, policies, and statutes V. Federal fair lending regulations and statutes VI. Community Reinvestment Act

Relationship to FFIEC-Issued Material
The Handbook has been prepared specifically for Federal Reserve examiners. Some of the chapters concerning regulations or statutes for which the FFIEC has issued supervisory materials are adapted from FFIEC documents. The differences between the Handbook and FFIEC materials are not substantive and primarily involve formatting or other minor changes to increase consistency among individual Handbook chapters.

Intended Use
This Consumer Compliance Handbook provides Federal Reserve examiners (and other System compliance personnel) with background on the consumer compliance regulations and statutes covered by the Board’s consumer compliance supervision program and guidelines for conducting consumer compliance examinations. Others in the compliance profession may also find it useful. The Handbook describes each regulation (or, if no regulation exists, the statute) and, for most of the regulations, provides examination objectives, examination procedures, and a detailed examination checklist. Although most of the regulations are discussed in some detail, the discussions are not intended as a substitute for the regulation (or the statute). For complete information, examiners should refer to the regulation itself, as well as the statute,
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